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Medical Cannabis Certification

Jamee Baltzell APRN, NP-C is a qualified provider who is able to certify those with qualifying diagnosis with a Medical Cannabis Certification. From brand new patients to renewals we are here to provide information and contacts to get the most out of your certification. 

Please read below at how to get set up with an appointment. 

Medical Card Certification Process

Fill out our new patient paperwork.  


Request medical records from the past year that include the qualifying diagnosis. 


Once medical records are recieved and diagnosis verified. You will be able to schedule an appointment.


At your appointment you will be given all the paperwork and information to complete the medical cannabis certification. We will aid you in getting this completed and sent in. 


This includes appointment, completion of paperwork and education. 


This includes appointment, completion of paperwork and education. 


If initial card certification was not completed by Jamee Baltzell, APRN the New Card price will be charged for this visit.

Helpful Information

For more information about medical cannabis, its benefits and other programs visit the IDPH website

Not sure if you qualify for medical cannabis here is a list of the qualifying debilitating diagnosis

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